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3 Things to Consider when Making a Supplier Management Strategy:

by Anna Dunn on 20/12/2018


Topics: supplier management strategy, Supplier Relationship Management Software, for supplier manager, SRM Software, SRM Benefits

Tips for Efficient Supplier Document Management

by Anna Dunn on 22/11/2018



Topics: Supplier Relationship Management Software, for supplier manager, supplier documentation

Why handle Customer Complaints with a SaaS System?

by Anna Dunn on 08/11/2018

Handling customer complaints via email or other manual tools can cause an immense decrease in customer trust, satisfaction, and especially the quality of the end product itself. Here are a few reasons to adopt a SaaS quality management system in order to ensure a high quality approach to complaint management.


Topics: customer complaints, customer service management, complaints tickets, CSM

3 Time Management Tips for for Quality Professionals

by Anna Dunn on 25/10/2018

Time management can be quite tricky in a quality management environment, and surely any tricks can help cut down on your overtime. Here are a few different tips for cracking down on inefficiencies within your work day:


Topics: manufacturing automation, raw material documentation, quality manager, time management for quality managers, Supplier Relationship Management Software

5 Ways to Improve your CAPA Processes

by Anna Dunn on 18/10/2018


Managing CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) can be tricky, but nonetheless it’s an important part of the quality assurance process. Here are five ways to ease the CAPA management process to prevent and correct supplier issues:


Topics: SRM Benefits, Supplier Relationship Management Software, corrective actions, CAPA, Corrective Action, Corrective Action/Preventive Action

3 Ways to Foster Supplier Innovation

by Anna Dunn on 04/10/2018


Topics: SRM Benefits, Supplier Relationship Management Software, tips, for supplier manager

3 Most Important Reasons to Evaluate your Suppliers

by Anna Dunn on 27/09/2018

Evaluating your suppliers is beneficial for both your company and the business partners. Effective supplier reviews let you clearly define your needs so that your business partnerships can thrive in a transparent and efficient environment. Here are the 3 reasons for conducting an effective supplier evaluation process:


1. Communication of clear expectations

By clearly defining what is it that you actually need from your suppliers, it will create a layer of transparency and trust. These values are important to foster because if your suppliers know exactly what to expect when doing business with your company, they can deliver at much higher quality. Through effective communication and clear direction to the business partners, they are also more likely to be responsive when it comes to future product and process innovation which fosters efficiency and progress.


Topics: SRM Benefits, SRM Software, Supplier Evaluation, Vendor Reviews, Supplier Relationship Management Software, Manufacturing Audit, risk management

6 Reasons to Use a Web-Based SRM Software System

by Anna Dunn on 20/09/2018

There are several benefits to implementation of a web-based SRM tool, all of which ultimately help make daily processes within your team more efficient. 


Topics: manufacturing documentation, Document Management, risk management, for supplier manager, Supplier Relationship Management Software, SRM Software, Web-Based Document Management, SRM Benefits, Benefits of Supplier Relationship Management

5 Most Common Document Management Mistakes

by Anna Dunn on 13/09/2018


Topics: supplier documentation, product documentation, Document Management, supplier relationship management, manufacturing documentation, Certifications, Manufacturing Certifications, Manufacturing Audit

ISO 10002 - What you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 30/08/2018

Companies always try to create the best product for their customers, in order to keep them satisfied and regulars of your brand. Nevertheless, complaints will always be a part of any product selling, possibly damaging your customer base. But a complaint is actually gold for your business! As expressed by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Use that complaint and turn it into an opportunity to improve your product.

To help you manage your complaints and keep up your customer satisfaction, ISO developed the ISO 10002,  a quality management process specially tailored for complaints handling. We will today learn more about the ISO 10002 and how to implement it in your company.


Topics: Certifications, ISO standard, tips