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5 Most Common Document Management Mistakes

Posted by Anna Dunn on 13/09/2018

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Document Management can be a serious hassle in a manufacturing environment. High quality document organization can take quite a bit of time and effort to successfully optimize.

Without one central document management system, things can turn into chaos. Here are the 5 Most Common Mistakes:


1. Lack of a central document management system

Failure to keep track of documents in a standardized manner leads to file loss and can severely impact your position during an audit. Automated document management is on the rise, and hopping on this train will certainly place you ahead of the bunch.


2. Failure to track document expiry

Many documents, especially supplier related certificates and product documents have expiration dates. Not having an automated system in place can jeopardize your business if an important document is expired.


3. Little or no delegation on document tasks

Typically, quality and purchasing departments work together on managing incoming supplier documentation to make sure that everything checks out. Without delegation, the process becomes inefficient with a document possibly being processed more than once.


4. Taking supplier collaboration out of the equation

Emails and phone calls can be extremely time consuming, and that’s why having a centralized system is indeed beneficial when it comes to automatic reminders and requests. This saves your company’s labor resources and provides transparency to your suppliers.


5. Inexistent archiving system

Due to document expiration and replacements, the files are no longer used. However, when these documents are needed - most likely they are hard to find. Using one centralized document system will provide an opportunity to organized whether they are new or outdated.

In the end, having a single centralized document management system will provide you an opportunity to keep important product files organized for future use. We at ecratum can help you do just that through an organized document management system - PDoc Collect. 

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