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5 signs that you need a SRM software solution

Posted by Laura Heisch on 17/03/2016


You want more structure and efficiency in your supplier management, but you don’t know how?

Here are 5 signs that a webbased SRM application could help you in your daily work with your suppliers.

1. You want to improve your partnership between you and your suppliers on a long-term basis

Many companies are not aware of the importance of a strong business relationship. On a short-term, it often means a money and time investments which can be negatively seen by a few enterprises. But on the long-term, a satisfied supplier can play an important role for your whole supply chain.

ecratum offers a comprehensive solution to improve your partnership by simplifying the communication between your business and your suppliers, assuring the transparency of your entire supplier documentation. ecratum provides a business network working cross-industries and fitting your needs and your suppliers needs.

2. You want to centralize your supplier contact information and always keep them up-to-date

Collecting and managing suppliers data such as adresses, locations or certifications requires an immense but necessary administrative effort. To collect and update these data, you rely on your suppliers collaboration but have to send reminders to get the information, taking a lot of time and energy.

With ecratum, your suppliers can keep their data up-to-date on our platform where all the information about your business partners are centralised and available whenever you need them.

3. You want to efficiently manage your suppliers and your product related documents

As a purchaising business and especially in industries particularly subjected to quality controls and documentation obligations such as food processing, you need to manage a lot of documents being supplier documents, raw material and product documents or packaging related documents.

ecratum can help you collecting, keeping up-to-date and managing all these documents. Based on the document specific data you have set up, ecratum creates automatic document requests, reminders for pending tasks and expired documents. Your suppliers actively participate to your documents management and thereby help you increasing the transparency of your entire supplier documentation.

4. You want to evaluate and compare your suppliers ?

To measure the success of your partnership with your suppliers, it is important to know how satisfied you are with your suppliers services. This feedback is also important for your suppliers to improve their cooperation with other businesses. In the frame of the ISO 9001 Certificate, you are obligated to evaluate your suppliers and your suppliers need to be informed of their evaluation.

ecratum helps you evaluating easily your suppliers after your own criteria and define their weight and importance for your business. Compare independently your suppliers with each other and follow the evolution of your suppliers during a specific period of time.

5. You want to save time and money in Quality and Purchasing Departments

The administation efforts are often misunderstood and underestimated. A good suppliers management suite can help the Quality and Purchaising department limiting those efforts. When the suppliers do not actively participate, a countless number of reminders needs to be sent and the Quality Management needs to check the collected documents, approve them and then archive them. The more suppliers need to be managed, the bigger the efforts will be, even if most of the suppliers and the documents to check are similar.

ecratum helps you automating the process: setup automatic tasks, give accesses to your colleagues and communicate directly with your suppliers on ecratum. You can easily get an overview on all the open task and don’t loose track of any important information. Thanks to ecratum, you can work much more efficiently and thereby save time and money.


If you answered most of those points with “Yes, I want to”, a SRM software will definitly help you to manage your supplier easily and efficiently. For small and medium sized businesses, ecratum offers several modules and pricing plans to adapt to your needs.

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