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New feature: "Approved" status when uploading documents

Posted by Reema Singhal on 02/07/2015


Generally, you as a company ask your suppliers to send you documents and certificates online. However, often it might happen that the suppliers send you documents by e-mail or via offline methods like, by mail or by fax. You already know that you can upload the document on ecratum on behalf of your supplier. Now, we have improved this feature even more for you.
You can now decide whether the document is "already approved" at the time of uploading the documents. This new feature allows you:
  • more flexibility: you get to decide whether the document should be directly marked as approved or if anyone else also should check the document.
  • more effeciency: with just one click, you can complete many functions, because this feature is also available when uploading a document for multiple requests.


This is how you can use this feature in your ecratum account:

If you are located in the overview of requested documents, you will see a check box, which allows you to grant the already approved status to the document:



You can immediately start using this feature and mark your supplier documents as "already approved" by clicking here to upload the document on ecratum.

If you have questions or comments about this new feature, please contact our support team.

Love your supplier!
Your team ecratum
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