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Laura Heisch

Laura Heisch ist im Online-Marketing von ecratum für den deutschsprachigen Content zuständig. Sie versorgt unseren deutschen ecratum-Blog mit spannenden Beiträgen rund um das Thema Lieferantenbeziehungsmanagement, Neuigkeiten zu ecratum und den Branchen, die ecratum bereits nutzen.

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Private organic labels - what you need to know

by Laura Heisch on 03/11/2016

We have presented you with the EU organic certificate and the associated organic seal, which regulates and characterizes the production and distribution of organic products throughout the EU. There are numerous standards for private eco-farming associations. In all cases, these standards must comply with the legal EU organic regulation in addition to their own, often more stringent standards.


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8 tips how to improve your business partnership - Infographic

by Laura Heisch on 02/08/2016

In many aspects, a business partnership is a lot like friendship. A good relationship is based on communication, trust and transparency. If your business partnership is based on a solid foundation, both parties will benefit of this relationship in the long-term. Following our motto "Love your supplier", we are giving you a couple of ways to improve your business partnership.


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The basics of food labelling: Allergen Statement

by Laura Heisch on 16/06/2016

In the food production, there are many legal regulations ruling the identification of ingredients. Every used ingredients, especially the ones causing allergies or intolerances (allergens), must be documented in an allergene statement.

Allergen labelling and Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIR):

The EU regulation 1169/2011, enacted December 13th, 2014, is the latest and most important document referring to the duty of declaration for the production, processing and the sale of loose or packaged food items (Food Information Regulation (FIR)).


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New prize "EuroCloud Germany Award"

by Laura Heisch on 07/06/2016

ecratum has been distinguished for its SRM application with the EuroCloud Germany Award in the category Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets. ecratum has prevailed against its competitors on criteria such as the quality of its service, its interoperabilty, its data portability and its data security.

An important potential to establish internationally in the european market was a further  criterion differentiating us from our competitors. The winners of the german Award is also qualified for the international competition and have a chance to win the EuroCloud Europe Award.


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BRC/IoP Standard for Packaging

by Laura Heisch on 19/05/2016

In food industry, a lot of documents and certifications are required throughout the food producing and processing businesses. Whether your are packaging food or purchaising packaged food -  there are numerous standards you have to meet to pass the certification within the scope of the legal regulations.


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Feature of the week: ROI Calculator

by Laura Heisch on 17/05/2016

Working together with your suppliers on ecratum: from supplier management or document management up to supplier evaluation and audit follow ups. Strenghten your business relationship in the long-term to reduce time inefficiency and costs in the purchasing and quality management departements.

With the ROI Calculator (Return on Investment) on our website you can discover the savings with  ecratum.


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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

by Laura Heisch on 12/05/2016

BRC is a global quality and safety standard for the food industry. It concerns all companies producing, processing or packaging loose foodstuff. The standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). An independent organization, which grants the certification through an audit.



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IFS Food: unannounced audits

by Laura Heisch on 05/05/2016

From autumn 2016, companies will have the opportunity to register voluntarily for an unannounced audit in accordance with the IFS food certification standard. The audit date won't be communicated before and the company has to always be ready for the unannounced audit. This increases the attention to quality and transparency within the entire production process.


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Award: "Best-of Industriepreis 2016"

by Laura Heisch on 03/05/2016

Last week, ecratum recieved the  "Best-of Industriepreis 2016" as innovative solution in the category “IT & Software solutions”.


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IFS Food: basic knowledge

by Laura Heisch on 28/04/2016


What does International Food Standard (IFS) stand for?

The International Food Standard is a quality standard for the auditing of companies in the food manufacturing and food processing industries. Accredited by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). IFS Food is a product-related standard and can easily be integrated into existing quality management systems such as ISO 9001. Third-party certification organizations provide independent confirmation that an organization meets the requirements of IFS Food. To retain the certification companies must be periodically reviewed.


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