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New Feature: Complete multiple requests for one document by uploading only once

by Reema Singhal on 25/05/2015

From now on, there is a new feature available on ecratum whereby you can:

Complete multiple requests for one document at once.


This new feature allows you (as a customer or as a supplier) to fulfil several requests for a document at once by uploading it just once. The requests can be selected from the documentation list.


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New Feature: Create raw material groups

by Reema Singhal on 19/05/2015


Create groups for the raw materials that you need for manufacturing your product.

Until now you could manage your raw materials and their corresponding documents. With the new feature it is now also possible to group and assign your raw materials.


Topics: raw material documentation, modules, new feature, for supplier manager

Complaints Module: How to properly set up complaints through ecratum

by Reema Singhal on 05/05/2015

Your daily business is often disrupted by unforeseen mistakes in supplies and raw material deliveries, which entail that you send relevant complaints to your suppliers. Complaints are a time-consuming process, which takes your nerve, even though you really should turn to more productive tasks. You must inform your supplier, send reminders to resolve the complaint, and inform all your involved colleagues throughout each step of the complaint process till it's resolved. In addition, there are often different reasons for complaints from various suppliers that may require each individual attention.


Topics: modules, complaints, for supplier manager

Food Information Regulation (FIR) for customers comes into force

by Reema Singhal on 14/12/2014

What's Food Information Regulation for Customers?

From today, the new Food Information Regulation, in short the FIR, comes into effect. The ordinance regulates the labeling of food again. The already-adopted 2011 Regulation is applicable in all EU Member States and food business operators at all stages of production for products that are intended for the end user. The new regulation borrows parts of the already existing legislation. The significant changes and enhancements are designed to provide more transparency to the consumer on all packaged and open foods. The product information should be clear, comprehensive and accurately available for consumers according to this regulation.

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