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Award: "Best-of Industriepreis 2016"

Posted by Laura Heisch on 03/05/2016


Last week, ecratum recieved the  "Best-of Industriepreis 2016" as innovative solution in the category “IT & Software solutions”.Since 2006, the Hu­ber Ver­lag für Neue Me­di­en GmbH organises every year the Industriepreis rewarding the most innovative SMBs offering a high quality and pioneering service and product in 14 different categories - from Drive and Fluid Technology, Research & Development to Microsystems Technology, up to Suppliers.

Under the category "Awards" on our website you can find all our awards we recieved for our SRM suite.

ecratum is a webbased easy-to-use supplier record management application, optimizing communication between businesses and their suppliers. Suppliers and businesses can create safe connections, make public their document for all their customers, create tasks to easily communicate with their partners, request documents or informations and automate their workflow.

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