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Best practice: Supplier questionnaire - How to best request data from your suppliers

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 18/08/2016


A central element of an efficient supplier management is the collection of complete and up-to-date data from your suppliers. Among those important information, you will need the contact partner data, site specific information but also product related data.

Nevertheless, how can you get all these data and information from all your suppliers?

The most efficient method to collect all those information is through a supplier questionnaire or a supplier self-assessment. Here are the most common questions asked to the suppliers to easily get all important information.

Individual supplier questionnaire

Most questionnaires are divided into several categories and can vary from a supplier and a product to another. Depending on the size of company, the type of supplier (for example: A-supplier or secondary supplier) and the importance of the delivered product, you will use standard or individual questionnaires. Still, some topics relative to the origin of the product, the certifications (for the product and for the producing company) or quality management system will remain present on all supplier questionnaire.

Use of the questionnaire

The use of a supplier questionnaire sets the start of an efficient supplier collaboration. It can be the basis of the supplier selection, but also serve as master data management tool or be used during the supplier evaluation. The supplier questionnaire will also serve as a first step for your supplier and product relative document requests.

Questionnaire Categories

To support you with your supplier questionnaire, we have prepared for you an overview of all most common topics and questions:

A- General information

B- General information about production & storage

C- Quality Management & Quality Check (QC)


E- Factory & production

F- Packaging & shipment

G- Transport & Logistic

H- Environmental & Social management

You can download here our supplier questionnaire template as PDF.

Questionnaire and suppliers groups

To better manage your suppliers with this questionnaire, we recommend to use the following categories division

For all suppliers: Categories A-D, G

For Raw material and product suppliers: E and F

For A Suppliers (Top suppliers): H

Our Tip

When questionning a company about its certifications, ask directly about the documentations related to them. It will save you time and make the process more efficient.

For more information about the 5 most common supplier certifications and the related documents, read here our blog article on the topic.

For more information about the 5 most common product certifications and the related documents, read here our blog article on the topic.


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