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Tips for working with the ecratum SRM: Edit Lists

Posted by ecratum on 01/04/2014

Working with lists online can be easily done, if you know how to handle them.

To be able to work through long lists within a short time, we prepared some tips for you - so you can avoid going back and forth to the main list each time.  

1. Let us choose the supplier list for example: 
  •  Open the supplier list (click on the button 'Suppliers').


  • If you want to have information concerning one supplier in a new browser tab:
    • right click and press 'open in new browser tab'
    • another possibility is to click on your mouse wheel (if you have one), a new tab will automatically open
2. If you want to be the master of your browser tabs, we have three tips for you.
If you want to open a new tab:   
  • press CTRL+T (an empty browser tab will open)
If you want to close a browser tab:
  • press CTRL+W (whilst you are in the browser tab you want to close!)
If you want to switch between browser tabs:
  • you can easily do this with pressing CTRL+ the tab button

By applying these tips in your daily work routine, you will save quite a lot of time. Just try it out.