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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Posted by Laura Heisch on 12/05/2016


BRC is a global quality and safety standard for the food industry. It concerns all companies producing, processing or packaging loose foodstuff. The standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). An independent organization, which grants the certification through an audit.


  • a BRC certification shows your competence in the areas of risk analysis, critical control points, food safety and quality.
  • you can increase consumer confidence and improve your food safety and product quality.
  • the safety requirements can be integrated into the standard and you can reduce potential risks.
The food standard was designed for the British retail market and has paralleled IFS Food Standards, especially in English speaking Europe, parts of Asia and the United States.

Structure of the BRC Standard

The standard is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The Food Safety Management System
  2. Requirements
  • Senior management commitment
  • The food safety plan - HACCP
  • Food safety and quality management system (based on ISO 9001)
  • Site standards
  • Product control
  • Process control
  • Personnel
  1. Audit protocol
  2. Management and governance of the scheme


The BRC was originally developed and employed for the first time in 1998 by the British Retail Consortium. Since then the BRC has been updated regularly. The lastest version, BRC Global Standard for food safety issue 7, came into force on the 1th of July 2015 and replaced previously valid issue 6 without any transition period.

For small and medium sized businesses, which are in the process of implementing a food safety standard, there is the Global Market Program with 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and complete BRC certification.

Further information:

Website of the BRC Global Standards.

Summary of the Global Market Programme (PDF)


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