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BRC/IoP Standard for Packaging

Posted by Laura Heisch on 19/05/2016


In food industry, a lot of documents and certifications are required throughout the food producing and processing businesses. Whether your are packaging food or purchaising packaged food -  there are numerous standards you have to meet to pass the certification within the scope of the legal regulations.

We have already introduced some of these standards to you, such as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety or IFS Food

A further standard in the food industry is BRC/IoP. In the following overview you will learn everything you need to know about this packaging standard and its benefits:

What is BRC/ IoP?

The BRC Global Standard for packaging and packing material was developed from the British Retail Consortium in collaboration with the IoP (former Institute of Packaging, now Packaging Society) and it is a standard for packaging and packing materials for food and other substances.  The standard can be used for all types of products - from food to consumer products. The last issue, version 5, became effective on January 1, 2016. The certification is valid for a limited period and is granted one year after the successful completion of an audit by a neutral certification body.

Your Benefits

  • increase transparency and product traceability within the supply chain
  • improve the security and hygiene of your products
  • strenghten your position in the market
  • raise customer satisfaction

Structure of the packaging standard: 4 parts

Part 1: The product safety and quality management system

Part 2: Requirements

The Standard also differentiates two levels of hygiene: High hygiene category (primary packaging) and Basic hygiene category (secondary/ tertiary packaging and labels).

  1. Senior management commitment

  2. Hazard and risk management system

  3. Product safety and quality management

  4. Site standards

  5. Product and process control

  6. Employees

Part 3: Audit protocol

Part 4: Management and governance

Fields of audit

The packaging standards differentiates 8 different production areas:

  • Glassmaking
  • Papermaking
  • Metalforming
  • Rigid plastics forming
  • Flexible plastics manufacture
  • Other manufacturing
  • Print processes
  • Chemical processes

More information about the audit process you can find on the Website of the BRC.

Whether your suppliers need to provide evidence of a BRC certification or you have to collect  and archive packaging documents for your own certification - ecratum helps you easily manage and keep up-to-date your entire supplier, product and packaging related documentation.

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