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Complaints Module: How to properly set up complaints through ecratum

Posted by Reema Singhal on 05/05/2015


Your daily business is often disrupted by unforeseen mistakes in supplies and raw material deliveries, which entail that you send relevant complaints to your suppliers. Complaints are a time-consuming process, which takes your nerve, even though you really should turn to more productive tasks. You must inform your supplier, send reminders to resolve the complaint, and inform all your involved colleagues throughout each step of the complaint process till it's resolved. In addition, there are often different reasons for complaints from various suppliers that may require each individual attention.

An effective complaint management is therefore also an important component of a successful supplier relationship management. With ecratum you can easily and quickly handle complaints and always focus only on the big picture.

The complaint management system is simple with ecratum because of:

  • automatic notification & reminders: You no longer have to keep calling your suppliers or keep all your colleagues informed at all steps.
  • transparent processes: Since everything is online for everyone, you no longer have to maintain Excel sheets and long chaotic e-mails.
  • safer documentation: You no longer have to maintain complicated documents personally.

Your benefits of a complaint management system:

  • Many possibilities: You can make complaints for various possibilities: from underdelivery to damaged goods to late delivery by your suppliers.
  • Faster exchange: Upload images or documents and comment on your complaint online.
  • Lesser effort: Assign complaints to relevant supplier and accept or reject comments on the complaint.
  • Save time: ecratum informs your supplier immediately of any new complaint and automatically reminds of pending tasks. All the colleagues involved will be updated all the time of the complaint progress.

This is how it works in ecratum:

2. Create complaint and assign suppliers
3. Accept or reject suppliers' opinion on your complaint
4. Complete complaint and keep track

You want to make your supplier complaint management system more effective and easier? 

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