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New Feature: Complete multiple requests for one document by uploading only once

Posted by Reema Singhal on 25/05/2015


From now on, there is a new feature available on ecratum whereby you can:

Complete multiple requests for one document at once.


This new feature allows you (as a customer or as a supplier) to fulfil several requests for a document at once by uploading it just once. The requests can be selected from the documentation list.


For example, if you want to upload a GMO Statement for several components such as apple, potato and pear, simply open the Raw Material Documents tab and check the corresponding boxes on the left to select these three elements. Click Upload when finished.

After that appears a dialog box with an overview of multiple requests. You can now select and upload the desired document.


If you have questions or comments about this new feature, please contact our support team. 


Love your supplier!

Your Team ecratum

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