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ecratum packages: Tailored to every Budget

Posted by Reema Singhal on 09/06/2015


Optimize your Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with ecratumQuit the costly and time-consuming manual documentation and get the benefits of an online solution for your supply chain management.

With ecratum you can:
  • Increase qualityIncrease the quality of your products, in working together with your supplier.
  • Create transparency: Always stay up to date at all the steps.
  • Save timeShorter processing times save time and money for you and your suppliers 
  • Stay customized: you have the option at any time to adapt your package according to your needs.
You already know about our starter package for small enterprises (up to 30 suppliers). With any one of the ecratum packages you can bring your supplier management to a new level - with an unlimited number of users.
 These basic functions are available in all ecratum packages:
  • Invite your suppliers
  • Check your contacts
  • Set up supplier groups
  • Assign people responsible for suppliers from your quality and purchasing departments
  • Request and approve suppliers‘ documents
  • Automatic reminders about expiring and updates of all supplier related documents
  • Request and approve raw material documentation
  • Automatic reminders about follow-up and updates of raw material documents
The price of each package depends on the number of suppliers you need to manage.  On our website you will find an overview of all bookable ecratum packages. The overview includes a price calculator that allows you to determine the exact price of your desired package based on the determine number of suppliers.
The number of suppliers is segmented as follows:
  • 1-30 supplier (free starter pack)
  • 31-200 suppliers
  • 201-500 suppliers
  • 501 - 1000 Supplier
  • more than 1000 suppliers 
ecratum offers the best solution for a simple and efficient SRM for small companies to big onesAll packages are completely free for your suppliers.
 Basic package:
This package is especially designed for small and medium businesses that want to simplify and systematize document exchange with suppliers. The basic functions manage supplier documents and manage raw material documents are a central part of each SRM and form the basis for a successful exchange between you and your suppliers.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Supplier Questionnaire  
  • Manage traders / producers
  • Manage supplier documentation
  • Manage raw material documentation
Professional package:
This package is particularly suitable for medium-sized businesses with more advanced organization, who manage a greater number of suppliers. The complaints module specially constitutes a useful additional function. 
This package includes all the functions of the basic package plus:
+ Manage supplier audits
Manage complaints with suppliers
Manage agreements and contracts with suppliers
Expert package:
With the expert package we provide you with the complete module and functional range available with ecratum. In particular, this package offers the right solution to businesses that have to manage a large number of different suppliers. From supplier audits to complaints to suppliers Reviews: with ecratum, everything is possible.
This package includes all the functions of the basic package plus:
Manage supplier audits
Manage complaints with suppliers
Manage agreements and contracts with suppliers
Onboard & approve suppliers
Evaluate supplier performance

 Now you want to know more about ecratum and its features for efficient and easy supplier management? Register for a free online presentation and learn more:  Click HERE to register for a free online-demonstration

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