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Convert ecratum csv file to MS Excel

Posted by Reema Singhal on 09/07/2015


As you know, you can export your documents from ecratum as a csv file. You can easily open the exported lists with any known spreadsheet program.

When using MS Excel, there are certain settings you need to make sure are displayed correctly in the overview. Since this is a special feature in the settings of MS Excel, below are some useful tips on how best to proceed.

You have probably already exported your overview report: 
(Read here how this works in ecratum)

  • Open MS Excel and go to the data tabSelect from Text, then look for the appropriate .csv file and import it.


Next, a window will appear with a text conversion wizard where you set the following:

  • select Original data type, please separated from and originating file format Unicode UTF. 8


  •  Finally, select a delimiter comma , and click Finish .


Now you can see your Overview display correctly.


Love your supplier!

Your team ecratum


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