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FAMI-QS Certification - What you need to know

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 22/06/2017


Food safety is a daily concern for consumers but also for every stakeholder of the food industry. For animal products, feed safety is equally important especially in the light of different food scandals in the past years. To minimize health risks due to feed safety, the EU has implemented several regulations ruling a large part of the feed activities. To support companies with their feed quality and safety system, the FAMI-QS developed a certification specifically aiming the specialty feed ingredients and mixtures present in animal feed.

Today, we will learn more about the FAMI-QS certification and how to implement it in your manufacture.

FAMI-QS: What is it?

The Feed Additive and preMIxture System (FAMI-QS) certification is a standard addressing feed safety, legality and quality objectives set in the European Animal Feed Regulation No 183/2005. The concept of this certification is to give guidance to manufacturers and traders concerned by the regulation and help them develop their own procedures to minimize the hygiene risks linked to additives and premixtures in the feed chain.

To ensure feed safety, the FAMI-QS certification is based on several European regulations, the Codex Alimentarius, the HACCP principles and several national management systems of member states such as the GMP or the Code of Practice. By basing its standard on these text, the FAMI-QS is a complete certification covering several areas such as:

  • Quality and feed safety management systems,
  • Traceability procedures,
  • Product regulatory compliance,
  • Human resources,
  • Infrastructures
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
  • Waste control

The FAMI-QS standard covers most of the EU countries, Norway and Switzerland but is internationally available and currently used in more than 47 countries.

Benefits of the FAMI-QS Certification

The primary goal of the FAMI-QS is to decrease animal feed hygiene risks and increase the quality of the feed used on-site. Developed with stakeholders from the feed sector, the standard is based on real-life processes, hazards and risk analysis recurrent in the industry.

Used as a legal compliance tool, the FAMI-QS is recognized by the European Commission, local authorities but also by your clients seeing here the sign of a proactive approach to the feed safety and quality. Thanks to mutual recognition of local animal feed schemes, the FAMI-QS also avoid extra-audits for these certifications.

How to get FAMI-QS certified

To get the FAMI-QS Certification for your functional feed ingredients and specialty complementary feed, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Evaluate your own products with an internal audit and the FAMI-QS Checklist
  • Identify your product and send the FAMI-QS Checklist in your application
  • Evaluation of your application by the FAMI-QS. In case of approval, you will receive an acceptance letter along with an invoice for an annual membership fee
  • Select a Certification Body for an audit
  • The authorized certification body will audit your company in two stages:
    • Evaluation of the Feed Safety Management System
    • Verification of the implementation of the FSMS
  • Outcome of the audit and possible follow-up to match all FAMI-QS requirements
  • FAMI-QS reviews the audit and gives its validation for the validation
  • Annual surveillance audit

The FAMI-QS certification is valid for three years renewable after a recertification audit.

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