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Feature of the Week: Data security on ecratum

Posted by Laura Heisch on 09/02/2016


Data security has the highest importance at ecratum. Your data is our priority and that's why we do everything possible to guarantee their security.

Is ecratum secure?

ecratum uses a 256-bit SSL encryption, the standard encryption technology used for online banking and official organizations. By communicating via ecratum, all the data transferred between your computer and your suppliers computer through ecratum are encrypted and well protected, which makes it much safer than e-mail communication which is completely unencrypted.

Besides, ecratum takes numerous measures to protect the data of customers and suppliers alike because the safety of your data is our most important good. For example, our servers are certified ISO 27001, standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Where is my data stored?

Your data is only available in the German Data Center and is subject to the strict German Data Privacy Law, one of the strictest in the world in the matter. All data are filed under unique versions. You can ask for a backup copy of all the data from your ecratum accounts at anytime.

Technical development

Our complete software has been exclusively developed by our ecratum development team in Berlin. By doing so, access to company datas is limited only to a few and strongly monitored.

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