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Feature of the week: Document history

Posted by Reema Singhal on 10/06/2015


This week ecratum presents to you a new feature of the week. 'Feature of the week' refers to the existing features in ecratum that are in high demand. This week's is:

History of all document types.

This feature on ecratum enables you to keep track of the history of all the document types  supplier documents, raw material documents, complaints and agreements. In the History tab, you can get an overview of every action regarding each document. 


  • To use the document-history feature, please go to Documents in the Navigation and select the relevant document.
  • Now click the History tab to review all steps in the history of this document.
  • All steps are provided with the date and time, as well as with the respective action and associated user.
  • It is even possible to view the history of archived documents. Thus you can always keep track of your documentation process.

 This feature allows you to track the progress of each document.

 If you have questions or comments about this new feature, please contact our support team.


Love your supplier!

Your Team ecratum

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