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Feature of the week: ROI Calculator

Posted by Laura Heisch on 17/05/2016


Working together with your suppliers on ecratum: from supplier management or document management up to supplier evaluation and audit follow ups. Strenghten your business relationship in the long-term to reduce time inefficiency and costs in the purchasing and quality management departements.

With the ROI Calculator (Return on Investment) on our website you can discover the savings with  ecratum.

We just need the following  information:

  • Number of suppliers you manage
  • Number of documents per supplier you have to request
  • Number of products you order from your suppliers
  • Number of documents per product you have to request


On the basis of your information we calculate your individual savings. See at a glance how much you can save with ecratum and download your calculation as a PDF.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will help you and answer your questions. Contact us via eMail or register for a free online presentation to learn more about ecratum - thesimplest SRM suite.

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