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Five tips for your document request & suppliers follow-up

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 25/01/2018


Information and documentation are the basis of every business. Some of those documents are internal and specific to a company and other have to be requested from other companies and suppliers - and this is where the problems start. While document requests should be quick and easy, the task can easily become a financial, time and energy consuming hassle.

After discussing the mistakes to avoid with document management, we will today give you five tips to make your document request as smooth and efficient as possible.

Be clear in your requests

To be understood and quickly get what you need, express your request as clearly as possible.

  • Organize the requests so that your supplier recognizes your needs at first glance.
  • Be precise and add all references and IDs necessary for your supplier in order to simplify the task for them
  • If you need any specific format or if any deadline needs to be met, make sure that these details are clearly stated in your request

Be quick and responsive

Upon receiving the requested document, you will need to strike the iron while it’s hot. Check the document and approve it or give your feedback within a day. By doing so, your supplier will quickly recognize the request, the document he/she sent and become more inclined to react to your answer in order to look for another document if necessary.

Be flexible

Surely, same size and format documents are easier to administer for browsing purposes. However, not every supplier has the same tech skills as you and some others can be tired of filling out the same questionnaire several times per month for each of their customers.

The key here is flexibility and adaptability:

  • Accept different file formats (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg, .png, ...)
  • Help your suppliers digitalize the document
  • Accept a similar document if the needed content and information are present
At the end of the day, the mission is to receive necessary information and certificates.


Be personal

When requests and follow-up emails fail, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. By directly contacting your supplier, you have the opportunity to carry an effective conversation in order to understand exactly why a necessary document was not received. A personal call will prompt the supplier to send the requested information and documents.

Be smart

Information and document requests are part of a company's daily workflow - and nothing consumes more time, energy and money than countless follow-ups.

The solution is simple: Automate your document requests!

By using ecratum, you will have the opportunity to easily request product and supplier documentation and automatically follow up if the file is not received in the coming days. Set an expiration date to automatically request the updated document when the time has come.

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