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Feature of the week: "Hazardous substances register" - easily prepared

Posted by Laura Heisch on 18/11/2015

information about hazardous substances register fór supplier manager

EU regulations on Hazardous Substances states that you are obliged to keep a register of all hazardous substances which are used by your company.

In preparation for building a hazardous substances register, you can rely on the data ecratum has collected for you.

In the ecratum module 'Raw Material Documents' you can easily collect data sheets and operation instructions for all the raw materials of your suppliers. Together, these documents contain all important information you need for the hazardous substances register.

You should proceed as follows:

The hazardous substances register typically contains two document types

  • safety data sheets
  • operation instructions
  1. Ensure that both document types are available on your ecratum account. (If not, please contact us at
  2. Then check if all of the raw materials which are hazardous substances are present on ecratum. If not, add them to ecratum
  3. Now check if there are corresponding requests for all of these raw materials from your suppliers. If not, please create those requests.
  4. Download an overview of all raw material documents on ecratum: Click here to see how it works.
  5. Convert ecratum csv file to MS Excel: Click here to see how easy it works.
  6. Set a filter in Excel and only filter in the column type name "safety data sheet" and "operation instruction".

hazardous substances register with ecratum
(Please click to zoom)

With this list of hazardous substance documents, you have easily built your hazardous substances register. 

Love your supplier!

Team ecratum

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