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The future of ecratum!

Posted by Laura Heisch on 16/12/2015


As the new year approaches so do the latest innovations from ecratum. In the beginning of 2016, ecratum is proud to present a completely new design packed full of new features.

You have spoken and we have listened! We have greatly appreciated your feedback throughout the past year and have worked hard to improve our service and introduce a lot of your proposed features.

Next year will see substantial improvements in the following areas

  1. Design & Communication
  2. More value added services and features for suppliers
  3. User's Roles and Responsibilites
  4. Tasks & Notifications
  5. Approving suppliers
  6. Revised Questionnaire
  7. Module-Updates
  8. API

More than 10,000 companies across various industries around the world are already enjoying the benefits ecratum has to offer:


Improvements that will make working on ecratum considerably easier:

  • All tasks in ecratum have been completely reorganized and made more efficient
  • All tasks can be target-oriented and adjusted to suite your needs and as well be assigned to individuals or to several users.
  • User authority can be precisely coordinated
  • All workflows become more automated

Improvements for suppliers that make working on ecratum considerably easier:

  • Faster and enhanced processing of duties and tasks
  • Improved tracking cababilities and tracing tools for suplpiers
  • Manage supplier documents and information faster and easier within your own company account
  • Improved user comfort for suppliers

All of these new features and improvements help ecratum to grow. Would you also like to profit from the new and improved ecratum? These companies already use ecratum.

We will keep you up-to-date about the latest news and information about ecratum on our blog and via direct mail.

Love your supplier!

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