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New Feature: Clickable Status Bar

Posted by Reema Singhal on 02/06/2015


When dealing with your suppliers, it is always great to have one place where you can get all the update for all the supplier-related work in real time.

You know that you get it in your ecratum account -- the moment you log in, on your dashboard you see a summary of the status with each of your suppliers, for all the raw material documents, supplier documents, agreements, complaints, evaluations and the questionnaire.

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Now, we have made this even simpler for you.

The status bars that you see on your dashboard, after logging in to your account, are now clickable. Just click on each colour and see a real-time detailed list of documents' status within it.

Your Advantage: This new feature gives the user a powerful drill-down function, with which he can directly drill into a segment and see a list of all documents and raw material documents of a specific status. So this enables the users to directly act on the day and not just get a report the status.

You already know that

Green status bar indicates documents that are approved.

Orange status bar indicates open tasks, ones that await further action from either your side or the supplier. (No worries, if the suppliers have not done their part, we are reminding them constantly to upload the documents you requested)

Red status bar indicates document requests you sent to your suppliers, which have been long overdue now… We are sending regular reminders to your suppliers to upload the requested document..but maybe a call from you might help speed up the work here.

So you just put your cursor on top of each segment and click on it to see which documents are approved, pending or overdue and act on them immediately

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For any questions, you can contact our support.


Love your supplier!

Your Team ecratum


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