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New feature: Dashboard notifications

Posted by Laura Heisch on 23/09/2015

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For you, functioning data exchange and continuous communication with your suppliers is critical to maintain successful supplier relationships. That's why we have vastly improved the notification feature on the dashboard.
ecratum will keep you informed about all changes in your supplier base on a continuous basis. From now on, you will be much better informed about new  suppliers, status changes or new comments.
Notifications are now grouped by category of notification.
Only persons responsible for a supplier such as purchasing or quality will get notfications.
If no responsible person is assigned to a supplier, the account responsible will get the respective notifications. Thus, no important information can get lost.

How does this work in ecratum:

  • Notifications are categorized by type (Complaint, Audit, Evaluation, Document, Request, Comment and Agreement)
  • Notfications are shown until they are clicked.
  • Every notification directly leads to the respective document/ comment.
Dashboard notification ecratum


Love your supplier!

Team ecratum

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