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New Feature: Download Documents-Overview Report

Posted by Reema Singhal on 08/07/2015


One of the central functions of ecratum is to keep track of your documents. In your account, you can not only make the exchange of data and information between you and your suppliers easier, but always have access to all current and already-archived documents.

This new feature makes it even easier for you to stay organized: 

You can now download your documents overview report as a .csv file for further processing (eg in MS Excel). CSV is a text file format, which allows you to process your ecratum data in different programs and systems.

The benefits:

  • Faster data access: This feature will allow you deliver data faster (eg, for audits) and for internal processing (eg Excel formats).
  • Greater flexibility: This feature can also be combined with the Filtering function. This allows you to see the real-time update on different stages of documents by clubbing them through filtering. For example, if you want to see only the list of documents that have been "Approved" or "Rejected" and so on.
  • More control: The data you need is at your figure tips within seconds, for further action by you.
  • Added security: This provides you with an easy and fast way to backup data.


This is how you can start using this feature on your ecratum account:

In the Supplier Documents module, you can use the bottom right Download as CSV to export all current and archived documents from the overview list.

You can do the same in the Raw Material Documents module. Under Raw Material Documents, you can export your current and archived documents from the raw materials groups in the overview.



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Do you want to achieve more flexibility and immediately get started with exporting any document list? 
Click here to get an overview of your suppliers documents.

Click here to get an overview of your raw material documentation.


If you have questions or comments about this new feature, please contact our support team.


Love your supplier!

Your team ecratum

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