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New Feature: Group Automation

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 04/04/2017

As one of the last steps in the ecratum Automation story, we released group automation yesterday.

With this, you can now define requirements you have for your suppliers per group.

ecratum will then make sure that all your suppliers in that group will get the same tasks (avoiding duplicates of course).

You can use this

  • when setting up a new account to simply add all your requirements to your account or
  • (if you are already an experienced ecratum user) to make sure that you do not have any “holes” in your supplier requirements

To use this, go to any of your supplier groups. You will see these four buttons:


These are for automating:

  • Supplier Documentation
  • Agreements
  • Question tasks
  • Contact tasks

To use this, just go to the respective sub-menu via the buttons.


  • When you save an automation, new tasks will be created and sent to suppliers right away.
  • When a new supplier is put into a group that has an automation, tasks will be sent to this supplier according to your automation settings automatically.


  • When using Supplier Documentation Automation, only the document types will be displayed that you assigned to your account in Settings > Document Types
  • When using Agreement Automation, you will have to set up your Agreement templates in Settings > Agreement Templates first.
  • When using Question Task Automation, you will have to create Questionnaires in Settings > My Questionnaires first.

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