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New for ecratum Administrators: Settings of supplier related documents

Posted by ecratum on 01/03/2015

Infos for supplier manager

As ecratum Administrator, you need to know which types of documentsyou are using for requests to suppliers and their respective locations. 

To that end, you can view all the document types you currently use on a special page.

Go to Documents Settings
Supplier Document settings

Please note that you have to be an administrator to do this.

After that you will be seeing two types of supplier-/ location based documents:

  • Document types like certifications. Here the supplier provides an expiry date when uploading. ecratum then manages this date automatically and reminds suppliers by e-mail of expiring documentation. You do not have to do anything. 
  • Document types like quality manuals and so on. These do not expire and will be replaced by the supplier as they feel appropriate, for instance when issuing a new version of the document.

Document types on ecratum
If you need further document types in your ecratum account, 
please click the green button. This will open an e-mail to us.

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