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New: set a company-internal comment

Posted by ecratum on 30/01/2015

From now on you can set an internal comment. 
If you want to set an internal comment, which can only be seen by your colleagues, please proceed as follows: 

    • Please click on the document title
    • leave your comment in the comment field 
    • you can do this for the request itself in "Overview" or 
    • for the document in the tab "Details" (only possible, if a document has been uploaded) 
  • please tick the box to declare the comment as "company-internal" 
  • to submit the comment please click on "Add comment" 
Your colleagues will be notified on the dashboard. 
We are looking forward to receive your feedback to
Thank you- your ecratum team. Love Your Supplier.

Tags: new feature, for supplier manager, for customer service