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Questions about ecratum? We give answers

Posted by Laura Heisch on 16/02/2016


ecratum is a webbased easy-to-use supplier record management application, optimizing communication between businesses and their suppliers.

You are interested in ecratum and its features but still have questions about the functioning of our app?

Find all the answers to your question on our FAQ :
You will find informations about topics such as security on ecratum or how to respond to suppliers on ecratum. 

You can also of course browse through the different blogpost to find information on our different features. 

For any futher answers or information don't hestistate to contact our sales by mail or phone:


+1 (415) 8004372


+44 (20) 719 38049


You would like to have an overview of our SRM System? Register now for a free online presentation and learn more about ecratum and how our platform can support you with your suppliers and product related documents.

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