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SRM: Common perception vs. Reality

Posted by Laura Heisch on 03/03/2016

marketing_blog_iceberg-en-v2.jpg The common perception of Supplier Relationship Management often implies a straight chain of procedures and always follows the same steps. Nevertheless, it often leaves out the other facets of SRM such as the daily work with the suppliers, documentation sharings or communication.

The common perception of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the following:

1. Search supplier
2. Order
3. Delivery
4. Invoice
5. Payment


The reality of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM):

The complex process of SRM actually includes many more stages and tasks than the five steps above listed. Among those other phases, a few can be repeated several time during a business year or even operated in parallel and not successively.

  • Supplier Auditing
  • Suppler Profiling
  • Supplier Recruiting
  • Supplier Applications
  • Order Documents
  • Intranet
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Approval
  • Strategic Supplier Development
  • Evaluation
  • Supplier Related Documents
  • Product Documentation
  • Complaints
  • Communication Tracking


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