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ecratum "Starter Pack" - Discover the power of SRM

Posted by Laura Heisch on 26/01/2016


Effective collaboration with suppliers is a deciding factor in the success or failure of a business. As an SRM provider, we have seen this first hand.

It is therefore important that businesses have access to a good professional, affordable and intuitive software that allows effective working relationship with suppliers.

To help businesses realize how much an SRM system can boost their work, ecratum has set up its Starter Pack(*), specially tailored for small enterprises with less than 30 suppliers. It is free to use, not binding in any way, for an unlimited period of time and for working with up to 30 suppliers.(∗)

Your benefits:

  • Exchange a variety of business documents: Whether it comes to raw materials or supplier documents, complaints or agreements, you can easily exchange them with your suppliers.
  • Automatic set up:  On your behalf, ecratum takes up all your tasks of regularly reminding suppliers to complete pending or overdue tasks.
  • Better communication: Directly on ecratum, you can share your thoughts and comments on documents uploaded by suppliers, and all the parties stay informed of the progress.
  • Create transparency: You always have the current status at a glance and can intervene at your discretion.
  • Improve quality: Your supplier also enjoys the full advantage of ecratum as you work together on ecratum.
  • Save time: You will save time and can focus on more important tasks and thus increase your productivity and efficiency.


ecratum starter pack

All of these advantages are ready for you and your suppliers in the Starter Pack (*), completely free of charge. 

This is how it works:

1. Register on ecratum

2. Invite up to 30 suppliers (*)

3. Keep track of the work with your suppliers 

(*) This package is specially designed for customers with only up zo 30 suppliers and not to be used for trial purposes.

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