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The ecratum beta version is ready!

Posted by Laura Heisch on 18/02/2016


As previously announced, a closed beta version of the new ecratum with upgraded and new features is now online. The open one is coming soon. Let's walk through the new app to present the different features now offered on ecratum!


Our new dashboard helps you to easily keep track of the different on-going tasks and see where your action is needed. It is divided into two different boxes: Inbox (where you can track the tasks you have received) and the Outbox (where you can track the tasks you have created).



The whole system is now structured around tasks, making follow-up easier and impossible to lose track of. You can easily create tasks, automate them and manage their current status. A task will only get archived, when the person in charge will have controlled it and flag it as done.



Rules allows you to automate your workflow. The corresponding tasks will automatically be created and sent.

  • Rules for suppliers : Suppliers can be organised in groups and managed through group rules. Rules can for example be set to automatically and periodically request a type of document to a group of suppliers.
  • Rules for Products :  Products and raw materials can also be organised in groups. As for the rules for suppliers, document request can be automated and managed for a whole group at once.
  • Rules for Users : Responsibilities can automatically be transferred to another user.


Thanks to several user roles available, it is now possible to set several type of access and to manage who can see and edit your informations.


Public profile and documents sharing

It is now possible for suppliers to make documents either public for their clients or keep them private.

If a document is set as public and another supplier request this document, it will automatically be sent with no action needed from the supplier. If the document is kept private, ecratum will save the document and keep it available to the supplier to send it directly to the request on customer, without having to download it again.


If you have any question or feedback on our beta version, please let us know in the comments section below.

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