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The 5 most requested supplier documents in the food industry

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 02/06/2016


To insure the safety of its consumer, the food industry is ruled by a large number of certifications and labels producing an even largen number of documents to deal with. It is vital for buying companies working in this industry to always be up-to-date and have the right documents for each label. It facilitates the internal processes but also protects the company in case of an unannounced audit.

Thanks to our experience and our large number of clients working in the food industry, we have gathered for you the five most requested supplier documents in the food industry. Make sure to have them all!

ISO 9001

ISO 90001 is one of the most common certification for businesses in quality management. The certification guarantees the use of a standardized and functionning quality management system. In many industries such as food or pharmaceutical industry, this standard is a legal requirement.

Learn more about the ISO 9001.


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Concept is an instrument guaranteeing a functionning self-monitoring system. The concept for food safety and hygiene concerns all food processing and trading businesses.

Learn more about the HACCP.

IFS Food

The International Feature Standard Food is a global standard for food safety. All companies which are operating within the food processing industry or where a risk of product contamination during the primary packaging exists are affected by this standard.

Learn more about the IFS.

BRC Food

The BRC Food is a further Global Standard for food safety initiated by the British Retail Consortium. The BRC Food standard shows your competence in risk analysis, critical control points, food safety and quality.

Learn more about the BRC Food.

BRC Packaging

The BRC Packaging Standard is a similiar standard for packaging or packaging materials of food and food products. It was also developed from the British Retail Consortium in collaboration with the IoP (former Institute of Packaging, now Packaging Society).

Learn more about the BRC Packaging.


With a large number of partners in different areas such as raw products or packaging, managing the documentation from first document request to internal sharing and archiving can quickly be hard to follow. An efficient and collaborative supplier document management platform can be a helpful tool to help you save time and money in such a task.

Your supplier documentation might include many other documents such as product or packaging documents. With ecratum you can easily manage your entire supplier documentation. See the difference within your supplier document management and calculate now your savings with ecratum.

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