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The new ecratum: tasks and notifications

Posted by Laura Heisch on 21/12/2015


As you already know there will be a new ecratum packed full of new features. One of the new features will be about tasks and notifications.

  • Users are only shown tasks actually assigned to them
  • Assignment of tasks is now individually and/or automatically manageable, e.g. „Only Mrs. Smith and Mr. Miller are to review all uploaded ISO-certificates“
  • Assigned tasks can be passed on to colleagues
  • Automated tasks can be reassigned to colleagues temporarily (e.g. holiday leave)

Independent tasks:

  • Create independent tasks
  • Independent tasks can be assigned to other companies or can be passed on to your colleagues and co-workers


  • Each user is to determine how and when they will be notified about open tasks:
    • Summary of incoming tasks per day
    • Directly after task assignment
    • Summary of incoming tasks per week
    • Possible to alter per task type

Easier co-ordination and administration of tasks related to documents:

  • Clearer and more structured overview of messages
  • No message gets lost
  • Coordination and approval process on specifications are more flexible and thorough
  • Versions of documents are only to be created upon approval

 Love your supplier!

Team ecratum

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