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Tips for Efficient Supplier Document Management

Posted by Anna Dunn on 22/11/2018

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Setting a standard supplier document management process in an organization is an important factor to efficient quality management. Here are some tips on how to get started with a more efficient supplier document management process:

1. Document management specification

Setting clear specifications for your company’s supplier document requirements helps both you and your suppliers to make sure that documentation is handled securely and efficiently. By using a software based documentation system, you can make sure that all of your requested supplier documents are well organized and easy to find. By establishing a system and communicating it properly among your team and your suppliers, you will eliminate confusion and introduce a more efficient system to the table.

2. Ensuring supplier document completeness

A document checklist that will ensure document completeness can take a few different forms. The most common form would be the supplier evaluation that includes both the fields for supplier documentation and overall performance for a particular period of time. Once the system and standards for supplier document collection and requests have been identified, the job of supplier evaluator is made much easier in the end.  

3.   Employee training to ensure requirement compliance

To make sure that process works smoothly, your team needs to be thoroughly informed regarding the system you’d like to implement for managing supplier documentation. By providing a training for your team, this will ensure minimal confusion and maximum utilization of the system that has been put in place for document management. By setting a standard for document collection, this will bring consistency across the company to ensure supplier file completion.

In the end it’s important to organize and define the supplier document management processes within the organization and communicate it properly to both your suppliers and your team.

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