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Top 5 most requested product documents in the food industry

Posted by Bertrand Duteil on 14/07/2016


Working in the food industry implies having a complete and transparent product documentation from all your suppliers. Generally, this product documentation gathers all documents relative to the delivered goods, from the product to the packaging related informations such as origin certificates or raw material quality declaration. All those documents will be necessary for the merchandise traffic and for the down stream documentation of your products. A complete and up-to-date product documentation facilitates an efficient suppliers management and helps in being audit ready at any time. To help you keeping an overview of your product documentation, we have gathered here the five most requested product documents in the food industry.

Product specification

The product specification includes information about the ingredients/materials and their characteristics contained in the delivered food products. These information are most of the time based on the purchase conditions and includes dats such as the product description, origin, sensory properties, materials (including allergens) or certifications.

More information on the product specification

Declaration of compliance

The “Declaration of compliance for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food” is a document delivered by the supplier. This certificate guarantees the respect of the regulations and a safe production following good practices.

More information on the declaration of compliance

GMO Statement

This document informs the buying company about the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the production of the delivered food products or animal feed. These information are required by EU regulations and must be indicated on the products.

More information on the GMO statement

Long-term supplier declaration

The long-term supplier declaration is a product document tailored for goods repeatedly delivered by the same company. The declaration clarifies the origin of the delivered goods and is necessary for the international merchandise traffic within the EU.

More information on the long-term supplier declaration

Allergen statement

The allergen statement is a certificate from the supplier about the presence of allergens in the food product. Allergens are allergies and intolerance triggering ingredients such as nuts or shelfishes. During the production of food products, the potential allergens must be listed and documented with the help of the list of the 14 most common allergens.

More information about the allegen statement

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