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Feature of the week: Currency converter available

by Laura Heisch on 02/02/2016

ecratum offers a lot of benefits to all kind of businesses from all over the world. More than 10.000 companies worldwide are already using ecratum. We know that a transparent and comprehensible pricing model is very important for all our prospects. Therefore  - from now on - you can find a currency converter on our ecratum homepage and pricing page.


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ecratum "Starter Pack" - Discover the power of SRM

by Laura Heisch on 26/01/2016

Effective collaboration with suppliers is a deciding factor in the success or failure of a business. As an SRM provider, we have seen this first hand.

It is therefore important that businesses have access to a good professional, affordable and intuitive software that allows effective working relationship with suppliers.

To help businesses realize how much an SRM system can boost their work, ecratum has set up its Starter Pack(*), specially tailored for small enterprises with less than 30 suppliers. It is free to use, not binding in any way, for an unlimited period of time and for working with up to 30 suppliers.(∗)

Your benefits:


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The future of ecratum!

by Laura Heisch on 16/12/2015

As the new year approaches so do the latest innovations from ecratum. In the beginning of 2016, ecratum is proud to present a completely new design packed full of new features.

You have spoken and we have listened! We have greatly appreciated your feedback throughout the past year and have worked hard to improve our service and introduce a lot of your proposed features.

Next year will see substantial improvements in the following areas

  1. Design & Communication
  2. More value added services and features for suppliers
  3. User's Roles and Responsibilites
  4. Tasks & Notifications
  5. Approving suppliers
  6. Revised Questionnaire
  7. Module-Updates
  8. API

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Feature of the week: "Hazardous substances register" - easily prepared

by Laura Heisch on 18/11/2015

EU regulations on Hazardous Substances states that you are obliged to keep a register of all hazardous substances which are used by your company.

In preparation for building a hazardous substances register, you can rely on the data ecratum has collected for you.

In the ecratum module 'Raw Material Documents' you can easily collect data sheets and operation instructions for all the raw materials of your suppliers. Together, these documents contain all important information you need for the hazardous substances register.

You should proceed as follows:


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New Feature: Supplier and customer contacts overview

by Laura Heisch on 05/11/2015

At ecratum we listen. Following feedback from our users we have optimized the contact overview for both: clients and suppliers.

The benefit for both parties is now you can see at a quick glance who is the right contact person to answer all of your questions and queries.

We have marked the responsible contacts for the quality and purchasing department as well as the account person responsible with new icons.


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New feature: Dashboard notifications

by Laura Heisch on 23/09/2015

For you, functioning data exchange and continuous communication with your suppliers is critical to maintain successful supplier relationships. That's why we have vastly improved the notification feature on the dashboard.
ecratum will keep you informed about all changes in your supplier base on a continuous basis. From now on, you will be much better informed about  new  suppliers, status changes or new comments.
Notifications are now grouped by category of notification.
Only persons responsible for a supplier such as purchasing or quality will get notfications.
If no responsible person is assigned to a supplier, the account responsible will get the respective notifications. Thus, no important information can get lost.

How does this work in ecratum:


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Supplier Performance Feedback - as easy as never before

by Laura Heisch on 16/09/2015

We will show you in less than a minute how easily a supplier evaluation can be done with ecratum. 

Your business needs to regularly do supplier evaluations/ performance feedbacks because you
  • are ISO 9001 certified
  • are IFS Food certified
  • want to create benchmarks and give your suppliers feedback via your evaluation 
Just watch our little video on supplier evaluations and see how easy this can be.

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New Feature: Download Documents-Overview Report

by Reema Singhal on 08/07/2015

One of the central functions of ecratum is to keep track of your documents. In your account, you can not only make the exchange of data and information between you and your suppliers easier, but always have access to all current and already-archived documents.


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Feature of the week: Document history

by Reema Singhal on 10/06/2015


This week ecratum presents to you a new feature of the week. 'Feature of the week' refers to the existing features in ecratum that are in high demand. This week's is:

History of all document types.

This feature on ecratum enables you to keep track of the history of all the document types  supplier documents, raw material documents, complaints and agreements. In the History tab, you can get an overview of every action regarding each document. 


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New Feature: Clickable Status Bar

by Reema Singhal on 02/06/2015

When dealing with your suppliers, it is always great to have one place where you can get all the update for all the supplier-related work in real time.

You know that you get it in your ecratum account -- the moment you log in, on your dashboard you see a summary of the status with each of your suppliers, for all the raw material documents, supplier documents, agreements, complaints, evaluations and the questionnaire.


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