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Feature of the week: Automatic request for supplier documents

by Reema Singhal on 27/05/2015


ecratum is proud to present this weeks latest feature. This refers to the existing features in ecratum that are in high demand. This week we have:

Automatic request for supplier documentation on the basis of supplier questionnaire

After you have successfully registered and invited your suppliers to ecratum, your suppliers will receive a questionnaire. This questionnaire asks your supplier to provides detailed information that is relavanet to your needs. For example, location, names and contacts numbers of the right person as well as certificates.


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New for ecratum Administrators: Settings of supplier related documents

by ecratum on 01/03/2015

As ecratum Administrator, you need to know which types of documentsyou are using for requests to suppliers and their respective locations. 

To that end, you can view all the document types you currently use on a special page.

Go to Documents Settings

Please note that you have to be an administrator to do this.

After that you will be seeing two types of supplier-/ location based documents:

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New: groupfilter in all modules

by ecratum on 20/02/2015


To simplify your supplier management you are now able to filter by groups. You can find the filter in all modules. 

Click on Filter:

Then select your supplier group:

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New: responsible user for clients

by ecratum on 01/02/2015


We are glad to announce that our new feature

Responsible user for clients 
is online by now. 
As a customer you now have the possibility to appoint one of your users as your responsible user. Following functions can only be changed by the responsible user: 
Account settings

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