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3 Things to Consider when Making a Supplier Management Strategy:

by Anna Dunn on 20/12/2018


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Tips for Efficient Supplier Document Management

by Anna Dunn on 22/11/2018



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3 Ways to Foster Supplier Innovation

by Anna Dunn on 04/10/2018


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6 Reasons to Use a Web-Based SRM Software System

by Anna Dunn on 20/09/2018

There are several benefits to implementation of a web-based SRM tool, all of which ultimately help make daily processes within your team more efficient. 


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More safety at work: Hazardous Substances Register

by Bertrand Duteil on 22/09/2016

In our last blog posts we have discussed about work safety, prevention and necessary documents your company needs to properly handle hazardous material and substances. After presenting the Safety data sheet and the Operating instructions, we will today discuss about another important document for work safety: the Hazardous Substances Register.

What is a Hazardous Substances Register?


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Safety Data Sheet: What is it exactly?

by Bertrand Duteil on 08/09/2016

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is an important document for all companies working with, delivering or purchasing dangerous substances and material. The SDS gives the user informations about the chemicals and the identity of the product, potential dangers, but also communicates instructions for a safe manipulation as well as for prevention and guidance in case of hazardous situation. Dangerous materials are products or substances presenting a hazardous potential such as chemical products (for example: ethanol, acetone, benzin).

As regulated in the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, dangerous materials need to be identified and documented. The Safety Data Sheet constitutes for the danger analysis an  legal document about the handling of such danger materials and is required for the setup of a register of hazardous substances. Such a register is essential for work protection and serves as central communication medium for works safety on the whole supply chain.


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Strategic supplier management: Tips to better choose your suppliers

by Bertrand Duteil on 11/08/2016

Over the past years, we have observed in a large number of companies a dislocation of the core competences within the production and supply chains. The number of parties involved in the production process is increasing both in-house and outside of a company structure. It means that more and more parts and products must be bought to external companies. But to keep a constant quality and price level from suppliers and producers, more and more companies focus on building a strategic and long term supplier collaboration.


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9 benefits of a web-based SRM system

by Bertrand Duteil on 04/08/2016

In our last post about SRM for SMEs, we explained the importance for small and medium enterprises to have an efficient supplier relationship management system.

Several solutions exist for SMEs to manage their suppliers. The most popular options are Installations-program (On-Premises) or web-based and/or cloud-based softwares (Software-as-a-Service or SaaS). With the rise of digitalization, and especially in the Industry sector (Industry 4.0) where digitalization is an important and forward-looking topic, a web-based SRM system can provide the best results for SMEs.


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SRM for SMEs: why it is also important for my company

by Bertrand Duteil on 28/07/2016

Small and Medium Enterprises play an important role in the european economy. SMEs represent more than 90% of all european companies, creating most of the jobs and being the innovation motor of the EU. A central aspect of any productive company is the importance of suppliers management. Too often, purchasing and quality departments are not aware of the value of a good supplier relationship. Nevertheless, a good supplier is fundamental for a high quality product, transparent production and an efficient supply chain management.


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Top 5 most requested product documents in the food industry

by Bertrand Duteil on 14/07/2016

Working in the food industry implies having a complete and transparent product documentation from all your suppliers. Generally, this product documentation gathers all documents relative to the delivered goods, from the product to the packaging related informations such as origin certificates or raw material quality declaration. All those documents will be necessary for the merchandise traffic and for the down stream documentation of your products.


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