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Declaration of Compliance in the food industry

by Bertrand Duteil on 07/07/2016

As a company working in the food industry, you need a Declaration of compliance for each step of the production and delivery chains. This Declaration of compliance conditions are especially strict when ruling goods and materials in contact with food. Plastic materials are especially targeted with this document, because of the higher risk of material impact on the food product itself. The Declaration of compliance for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food serves as guarantee for the documentation transparency but also as protection for the product safety and quality.


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The basics of food labelling: GMO Statement

by Bertrand Duteil on 30/06/2016

From the producer to the buying company, documentation transparency is an important topic for all companies in the food industry. When it comes to processing raw material, it is necessary to document from the beginning the origin of each product.

Over the last years, the identification of “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMO) has become a legal requirement in the EU. It guarantees a complete product transparency and food safety for the consumers, but also informs the other companies about the presence of GMOs in their products.


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Long-term supplier declaration:what you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 23/06/2016

When you are importing or exporting goods internationally, you have to comply with the different customs regulations. There are several texts controlling trade within the European Union, some of them allowing tariff preferences when the right documents and certificates are available for the traded goods.

One of the mandatory documents needed for the international trade of goods is the long-term supplier declaration. It attests to the origin of the goods and is necessary for the buying companies documentation, being their movement certificate or their invoice declaration.


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The basics of food labelling: Allergen Statement

by Laura Heisch on 16/06/2016

In the food production, there are many legal regulations ruling the identification of ingredients. Every used ingredients, especially the ones causing allergies or intolerances (allergens), must be documented in an allergene statement.

Allergen labelling and Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIR):

The EU regulation 1169/2011, enacted December 13th, 2014, is the latest and most important document referring to the duty of declaration for the production, processing and the sale of loose or packaged food items (Food Information Regulation (FIR)).


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Product specification in the food industry: what you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 09/06/2016


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The 5 most requested supplier documents in the food industry

by Bertrand Duteil on 02/06/2016

To insure the safety of its consumer, the food industry is ruled by a large number of certifications and labels producing an even largen number of documents to deal with. It is vital for buying companies working in this industry to always be up-to-date and have the right documents for each label. It facilitates the internal processes but also protects the company in case of an unannounced audit.

Thanks to our experience and our large number of clients working in the food industry, we have gathered for you the five most requested supplier documents in the food industry. Make sure to have them all!


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HACCP Concept: Food Safety & Hygiene

by Bertrand Duteil on 26/05/2016

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Concept is used as an instrument to setup a self-monitoring system. It has been created to recognize, reduce and avoid risks upstream and to guarantee food safety for the consumers.

It applies to all companies selling or processing food, but also to producers and suppliers working in the following fields:


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BRC/IoP Standard for Packaging

by Laura Heisch on 19/05/2016

In food industry, a lot of documents and certifications are required throughout the food producing and processing businesses. Whether your are packaging food or purchaising packaged food -  there are numerous standards you have to meet to pass the certification within the scope of the legal regulations.


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Feature of the week: ROI Calculator

by Laura Heisch on 17/05/2016

Working together with your suppliers on ecratum: from supplier management or document management up to supplier evaluation and audit follow ups. Strenghten your business relationship in the long-term to reduce time inefficiency and costs in the purchasing and quality management departements.

With the ROI Calculator (Return on Investment) on our website you can discover the savings with  ecratum.


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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

by Laura Heisch on 12/05/2016

BRC is a global quality and safety standard for the food industry. It concerns all companies producing, processing or packaging loose foodstuff. The standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). An independent organization, which grants the certification through an audit.



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