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New Feature: Group Automation

by Bertrand Duteil on 04/04/2017

As one of the last steps in the ecratum Automation story, we released group automation yesterday.

With this, you can now define requirements you have for your suppliers per group.

ecratum will then make sure that all your suppliers in that group will get the same tasks (avoiding duplicates of course).


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New feature: My Product Files

by Bertrand Duteil on 27/03/2017

If you uploaded product-related files to ecratum to meet your customers’ requests, you will find them in this special place from now on: My Product Files.

On this page, only files are shown that were accepted by your customer.


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The new ecratum: tasks and notifications

by Laura Heisch on 21/12/2015

As you already know there will be a new ecratum packed full of new features. One of the new features will be about tasks and notifications.

  • Users are only shown tasks actually assigned to them
  • Assignment of tasks is now individually and/or automatically manageable, e.g. „Only Mrs. Smith and Mr. Miller are to review all uploaded ISO-certificates“
  • Assigned tasks can be passed on to colleagues
  • Automated tasks can be reassigned to colleagues temporarily (e.g. holiday leave)

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The future of ecratum!

by Laura Heisch on 16/12/2015

As the new year approaches so do the latest innovations from ecratum. In the beginning of 2016, ecratum is proud to present a completely new design packed full of new features.

You have spoken and we have listened! We have greatly appreciated your feedback throughout the past year and have worked hard to improve our service and introduce a lot of your proposed features.

Next year will see substantial improvements in the following areas

  1. Design & Communication
  2. More value added services and features for suppliers
  3. User's Roles and Responsibilites
  4. Tasks & Notifications
  5. Approving suppliers
  6. Revised Questionnaire
  7. Module-Updates
  8. API

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New Feature: Supplier and customer contacts overview

by Laura Heisch on 05/11/2015

At ecratum we listen. Following feedback from our users we have optimized the contact overview for both: clients and suppliers.

The benefit for both parties is now you can see at a quick glance who is the right contact person to answer all of your questions and queries.

We have marked the responsible contacts for the quality and purchasing department as well as the account person responsible with new icons.


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New feature: Dashboard notifications

by Laura Heisch on 23/09/2015

For you, functioning data exchange and continuous communication with your suppliers is critical to maintain successful supplier relationships. That's why we have vastly improved the notification feature on the dashboard.
ecratum will keep you informed about all changes in your supplier base on a continuous basis. From now on, you will be much better informed about  new  suppliers, status changes or new comments.
Notifications are now grouped by category of notification.
Only persons responsible for a supplier such as purchasing or quality will get notfications.
If no responsible person is assigned to a supplier, the account responsible will get the respective notifications. Thus, no important information can get lost.

How does this work in ecratum:


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New Feature: Download Documents-Overview Report

by Reema Singhal on 08/07/2015

One of the central functions of ecratum is to keep track of your documents. In your account, you can not only make the exchange of data and information between you and your suppliers easier, but always have access to all current and already-archived documents.


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New feature: "Approved" status when uploading documents

by Reema Singhal on 02/07/2015

Generally, you as a company ask your suppliers to send you documents and certificates online. However, often it might happen that the suppliers send you documents by e-mail or via offline methods like, by mail or by fax. You already know that you can upload the document on ecratum on behalf of your supplier. Now, we have improved this feature even more for you.

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New feature: Edit raw material / filter by raw material groups

by Reema Singhal on 18/06/2015

Now you can use two new features on ecratum :

  • Edit and delete raw materials
  • Filter by raw material groups



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New Feature: Adjust your ecratum plan directly through your account

by Reema Singhal on 09/06/2015

ecratum offers a simple yet efficient Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system to businesses of any size.

Have you already tried its benefits by using the free ecratum starter pack yet? You can upgrade your usage of ecratum and work with your suppliers on a lot more things by choosing any of the paid packages on ecratum. You can check these packages out directly from your ecratum account.


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