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5 Most Common Document Management Mistakes

by Anna Dunn on 13/09/2018


Topics: supplier documentation, Certifications, product documentation, Document Management, manufacturing documentation, supplier relationship management, Manufacturing Audit, Manufacturing Certifications

RFI - RFP - RFQ: Which one do you need?

by Bertrand Duteil on 26/04/2018

When launching a new project or a new product, you will often need new supplies and new suppliers. In order to get a qualitative product for the best price, you will need to go through a long phase of supplier selection and to compare the different offers you get.

To make the selection easier, you can request several documents from your potential new supplier such as an RFI, an RFP and/or an RFQ.

We will today learn more about those three documents and give you tips to always request the one you really need.


Topics: supplier documentation, document types, tips, product documentation

Certificate of Origin - What you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 16/03/2017

International merchandise traffic brings up the topic of customs laws and the different country specific legal regulations for import and trade. For safety reasons, the food industry is often subject to stricter import and trade rules. We already noticed more severe regulations in past blog posts discussing about the long-term supplier declaration or the International organic standard between the EU and the USA.

One of the most important document required by purchasing companies is the certificate of origin. It attests the origin of the product, but also other information such as the production country and the raw material or products used. We will today learn more about certificate of origin and the most important information you need to know about it.


Topics: Certifications, tips, product documentation