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Tips for Efficient Supplier Document Management

by Anna Dunn on 22/11/2018



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5 Most Common Document Management Mistakes

by Anna Dunn on 13/09/2018


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RFI - RFP - RFQ: Which one do you need?

by Bertrand Duteil on 26/04/2018

When launching a new project or a new product, you will often need new supplies and new suppliers. In order to get a qualitative product for the best price, you will need to go through a long phase of supplier selection and to compare the different offers you get.

To make the selection easier, you can request several documents from your potential new supplier such as an RFI, an RFP and/or an RFQ.

We will today learn more about those three documents and give you tips to always request the one you really need.


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SRM and End-to-End Supply Chain visibility: What you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 29/03/2018

Production and procurement are both at the core of every company. Without them, no product can be made and without product, no business can be made. Therefore, knowing your suppliers and mastering the whole supply chain is at the same time critical to run a business and an endless source of possible optimization.

While End-to-End (E2E) Supply Chain visibility is more important than ever, we will today see how SRM (and more specifically SRM tools) can help you achieve a full visibility on your complete supply chain.


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Supplier Code of Conduct - What you need to know

by Bertrand Duteil on 01/06/2017

Working in an ethical company, respecting workers as much as the environment, is important on both personal and business levels. But while you are directly in charge for your company, you are also responsible for your whole supply chain and the acts of your suppliers. If one of them does not respect human rights or is engaged in an environmental scandal, it may bring trouble to your supply chain and damage your brand…

To avoid this situation, you can set up a Supplier Code of Conduct ruling the ethical practices of your suppliers in order to align them with your company values.

We will today learn more about this code of conduct and how to implement it in your supply chain.


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Everything you need to know about the Halal certification

by Bertrand Duteil on 13/10/2016

With more than 1.6 billion muslim consumers around the world, the trade of halal food and goods is a steadily growing market. More and more suppliers have to deal with such products and adapt their offer. For consumers, the identification and labelling of halal products from producers and traders are a necessity. Nevertheless, such an identification is only possible with a transparent and clear traceability of every purchased material and manufactured goods (such as food additives) used during the manufacturing process.

Do you work in the food industry and need evidences from your suppliers about halal conform goods or halal conform companies? Here is the most important information about halal certification and how to apply it to your document and quality management.


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Food safety for small enterprises: EFSIS Safe & Legal Standard

by Bertrand Duteil on 21/07/2016

The food industry can sometimes be a difficult world for smaller enterprises. Indeed, they have to obey the same set of regulations than the other market players, even if they do not necessarly have the organisational structures or the number of employees needed to deal with heavy documentation requirements. Small enterprises need the same amount of supplier and product related documents for every purchased good. Similarly, small supplying companies also need to produce a full amount of supporting documents for their own customers.

One of the most common standard in the food industry is the BRC (British Retail Consortium)/LINK. With its complex coverage and requirements, this standard is rather tailored for large companies with an established quality management system. In contrast, the EFSIS Safe & Legal Standard is directed to small enterprises of the food industry.


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The 5 most requested supplier documents in the food industry

by Bertrand Duteil on 02/06/2016

To insure the safety of its consumer, the food industry is ruled by a large number of certifications and labels producing an even largen number of documents to deal with. It is vital for buying companies working in this industry to always be up-to-date and have the right documents for each label. It facilitates the internal processes but also protects the company in case of an unannounced audit.

Thanks to our experience and our large number of clients working in the food industry, we have gathered for you the five most requested supplier documents in the food industry. Make sure to have them all!


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New Feature: Download Documents-Overview Report

by Reema Singhal on 08/07/2015

One of the central functions of ecratum is to keep track of your documents. In your account, you can not only make the exchange of data and information between you and your suppliers easier, but always have access to all current and already-archived documents.


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New feature: "Approved" status when uploading documents

by Reema Singhal on 02/07/2015

Generally, you as a company ask your suppliers to send you documents and certificates online. However, often it might happen that the suppliers send you documents by e-mail or via offline methods like, by mail or by fax. You already know that you can upload the document on ecratum on behalf of your supplier. Now, we have improved this feature even more for you.

Topics: supplier documentation, raw material documentation, new feature, for supplier manager