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Why handle Customer Complaints with a SaaS System?

Posted by Anna Dunn on 08/11/2018


Handling customer complaints via email or other manual tools can cause an immense decrease in customer trust, satisfaction, and especially the quality of the end product itself. Here are a few reasons to adopt a SaaS quality management system in order to ensure a high quality approach to complaint management.

1. Increased product quality 

The faster the quality control personnel are able to handle the issues, the better the outcome of the product will be in the end. This process also speeds up innovation and problem solving to make sure that a similar issue does not lead to a potential recall or loss of sales.


2. Higher Customer satisfaction

Complaint management and effective communication internally within the quality department and externally with the reporter builds trust between both parties. This allows for a higher level of satisfaction from the customers and retained (if not increased) sales for the supplier.


3. Organized ticket system

With a highly organized system for managing incoming customer complaints, you no longer have to search for each complaint through your email inbox, but rather manage all of the requests and complaints on one platform for a more efficient process.


In the end, implementation of an online software Quality Management system helps ease your daily workload and creates an efficient way to communicate and respond to customer complaints from the quality department.

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